our mission and goals

We are fully committed to the genuine acceptance of difference, and of the right of everyone to be who they wish to be. We will pioneer excellence on behalf of LGBT+ children & young people in care, and strive to develop an ethos of tolerance, understanding and inclusive practice across all agencies working with looked after children nationwide. We are committed to sharing best practice with local authorities, schools and other children’s organisations, as we ourselves are open to learning from others. 



It has become clear that there is very limited information for or about LGBTQI young people in care. There is an ad hoc, react as we go approach across many local authorities, care agencies, foster carers, social workers and health professionals. Some may be doing excellent work but it has been hard to identify that work.

The lack of supportive and clear information presents a risk to the well being of young people in care now and in their future lives. There is some information available through schools and youth services but unfortunately some young people in care are not given access to these services. We have 8 overiding goals.


To celebrate gay culture

To celebrate and promote gay culture as something to be proud of. 


To promote an ethos of acceptance nationwide of young people and their identity.

Coming out

To ensure that all young people in care are in an environment where they are safe to come out and are supported to do so.

Personal safety

To protect all young people from homophobia, transphobia and harassment. To challenge those who bully and harass. 

Access to services

To provide transport and access to services, groups and resources. 

Promote individualism and identity

Allow young people to be themselves and explore their identity at their pace. Support and advocate for young people through this process.

Health and wellbeing

To understand that being LGBT is not a mental health difficulty. The way society treats young people can lead to mental health difficulties.

Break down myths, stigma's and stereotypes

Advocate for young people at meetings, in the home and elsewhere to break down the myths and stereotypes surrounding LGBT young people.