Timeline of action to improve LGBT inclusion 

July 2013: began voluntary work with LGBT foundation and found that there was nothing available for young people in care.

September 2013: Agreed a project was needed to address lack of information - Andrew (LGBT foundation) and Three Circles Fostering produced draft guidelines on what information was required to inform professionals.

26th April 14 2014: A group of care leavers from across the UK came together in Manchester to share experience and design resources.

From the consultation, a leaflet was produced entitled 'Supporting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Trans Yougn People - Information for Foster Carers'. 3000 were printed. 1200 distributed to North West Local Authority fostering services. Rest distributed through LGBT foundation and individual requests.

17th March 2014: First conference on LGBT experience of care (run by Three Circles Fostering in Wilmslow) - information shared from 26/04/14, LGBT Foundation Research on Health outcomes (Andrew Gilliver), Care Leavers Association (Jakeb Arturo Braden) and Stockport Sexual Health Services.

Jacob (Three Circles Director) was interviewed on Gaydio and talked about the care experience of LGBT young people in care.

Three Circles Fostering worked with 'Proud2B parents' - met with parents and worked on promoting understanding of fostering for organisation leadership.

Published article of fostering on 'Proud2B parents'.

26th May 2016 Consulted with Tara (Trans Equality Legal Initiative) and discussed the experiences of trans youth in care.

9th July 2016 delivered a trans consultation at the Sparkle festival in Manchester.

11th September 2016 delivered a trans consultation with the young people at the Afternoon Tea group at The Proud Trust.

September 2016: University of East Anglia present findings for the first methodological study into the experiences of lgbt young people in care https://www.uea.ac.uk/speakout/home

October 2016: Trans youth in foster care leaflet produced from the consultations.

November 2016: Work with Mermaids, foster carers, trans youth and Manchester social services to develop a Trans youth in care - toolkit for social care professionals.

January 2017: Trans youth in care, a toolkit for social care professionals is self published on this website www.lgbtyouthincare.com

March 2017: LGB youth in care leaflet created and shared on this website

May 2017: met with Salford LA to discuss creating positive outcomes for lgbt youth in care and share resources

July 2017: met with the Proud Trust to discuss creation of the first LGBT youth in care group

November 2017: met with care leavers association and nurses to consult on the monitoring of children looked after and foster carers and adopters. Produced a two page consultation document and shared with CoramBAAF. Raised the importance of monitoring gender identity and sexual orientation.

January 2018: first lgbt youth in care group took place at The Proud Trust 

March 2018: Practise note written in collaboration with Claire (LA social worker) and CoramBAAF (ongoing)

April 2018: Trans youth in care video for professionals produced

June 2018: Supporting lgbt young people in care video produced

September 2018: spoke at the Adoption and Fostering Alliance Scotland health conference on the experiences of trans youth in care

November 2018: Article written in the Fostering Network magazine to promote best practise

What do we want? Care leavers and LGB and Trans people to contribute and share.