LGBT Youth in Care

Being LGB and in care

Shouldn't be a barrier to getting on in life

For young people

If you are LGB and in care then there is help and resources. it is important that you know that the professionals around you should support you. They should challenge homophobia when they see it or when you tell them about it. They should make sure you are in a supportive home. Most importantly, they shouldn't tell others about your sexual orientation unless you have given them consent to do so. Download the leaflet below to read more and take a look at the useful links further down this page.

For professionals 

We have consulted with care leavers, young people and professionals working in the caring industry to produce relevant and informative resources for supporting LGB young people in care. We have listed lots of useful websites where you can learn more.



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LGB youth in care

Know your rights - a leaflet

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Supporting LGBT young people

Information for professionals